Zane is a character first introduced in "Enoch's Ghost " as Elam, Naamah , and Dikaios are traveling through the Bridgelands. He later appears in "The Bones of Makaidos" as a Shadow Person to warn Elam of an ambush.

Enoch's GhostEdit


Zane tells Elam that he is one of ten other men stuck in the Bridgelands

searching for Heaven's Altar, the supposed entrance to the heavenly realm,

and the Scarlet Key, the "key" needed for admittance. Zane also mentions being called "Maestro" by the others because he often leads them in song. Zane adds that he and the other nine all followed the instructions of the red-hooded woman, Semiramis , instead of crossing the Bridge spanning the chasm into the Bridgelands. For reference, this was the same woman that atempted to deviate Elam from crossing the bridge as well. Zane and his friends have not found the Scarlet Key in all the years they have searched, but Elam discovered the secrets rather quickly and passed into the heavenly realm. This suggests that putting their faith in Semiramis instead of taking the bridge has significance. Elam tells Zane that he and the others must build a fire. If he is not back by then, they can assume that he won't be back at all. Zane asks how big to build the fire, but Elam answers by asking how much faith he had.

As Elam and Naamah emerge from heaven's doorway, Elam is angered to see Zane and his company approaching. Elam chastises Zane for not waiting. When they cannot enter heaven, Elam tells the ten of a mission to help save the world. The ten, a bit disgruntled, agree. On Earth, the giant with Mardon at the energy plant, Chaqaz, builds thegateway, or "tower", from Earth up to heaven. At heaven's altar, Zane and his men have been tasked with standing the way of the energy, therefore protecting Acacia , from the blast and allowing her to release Heaven's weapon to bring down the tower. At the last second, Zane and his men dive out of the way of a large energy wave exposing Acacia and almost killing her. Elam dives in to save Acacia and Naamah sacrifices herself to save Elam . We do not see Zane and the rest again in this book, but Enoch said that the cowards went to their final resting place.