Valcor is a dragon, one of the sons of Makaidos and Thigocia. Along with most of his kin, he was transformed into human shape when Merlin transformed the dragons to help them escape the dragon slayers. He helped Merlin to rescue King Arthur from Morgan le Fay before going into hiding. Eventually, he became fully human, changing his name to Patrick. He married Ruth (formerly known as Paili), and had one daughter called Shiloh. Morgan Le Fay later kidnapped his daughter and sent her to the sixth circle, and it was forty years before Patrick saw her again—though only Patrick had aged during that time. He was shown to have a great love for both his wife and daughter, willing to give anything to protect them. He is proven to be a good friend of Professor Hamilton and is a huge help to Billy in entering the circles in Circles of Seven, and afterwards into the Tears of a Dragon.