The Bridgelands Edit

The Bridgelands is a beautiful byway between Earth, Heaven and Hades. It is a ring shaped flat territory in which Heaven is centered within. Earth, Hades, and Second Eden are represented by three spheres on the ring. Bridgelands is first introduced in Enoch's Ghost when Satan, disguised as Arramos, tricks Thigocia into coming there to search for her long lost husband, Makaidos. Unbeknownst to her, Timothy lies in Second Eden, the third sphere in the Bridgelands territory. The prophetic Prism Oracle resides in Bridgelands. Elam comes to Bridgelands and there meets Dikaios and offers his forgiveness to Naamah. Karen first appears there when she dies, before she enters Heaven's gate. Enoch frequently traverses Bridgelands, and sometimes angels even pass through.