Shiloh is the daughter of Valcor/Sir Patrick and Ruth, who was first known as Paili. Though, through her father, she has dragon ancestry, Shiloh is completely human because Patrick was fully human when she was born, unlike the parents of the anthrozils. She was kidnapped by Morgan as a child, and spent forty years in the sixth circle, surviving a small plant which gave her horrible cramps each time she ate it. She was rescued by Bonnie, who is her exact look alike and cousin on Hartanna's side. She was again captured in The Bones of Makaidos while disguised as Bonnie (although they really wanted Shiloh not Bonnie). She was trapped in the newly moved sixth circle, and lost a finger. She was moved to the bridgelands by Billy where she spent for four years with Acacia and a variety of animals, including a unicorn. With the help of the Gatekeeper, Glewlwyd, Gabriel Drake manages to rescue both Shiloh and Acacia not long before the battle in Second Eden.

As of the epilogue from The Bones of Makaidos, Shiloh is married to Gabriel Drake, and expecting a child.