Shachar was the first female dragon to inhabit Earth with her mate, Arramos.

Eye of the OracleEdit

Her first appearance is in the very beginning of "Eye of the Oracle." She was the dragoness in pursuit of Lilith (later Morgan) and the witch's lackey and sister Naamah, as they attempted to gain entrance to the Garden of Eden. She is killed by Samyaza, the leader of the Watchers when he comes to help Lilith and Naamah enter the Garden of Eden.

Song of the OvulumEdit

In the very beginning of "Song of the Ovulum," Joran mentions that Shachar was a big help for finding ovulums and acting as a demon radar. These talents worked through Shachar's ability to hear a song in her scales along her spine. Joran, Seraphina, and Selah used to ride her to hunt demons before the flood, but Makaidos took over or his mother after her death. This aludes to the fact that she died before the flood and not in it. Joran mentioned missing Shachar because Makaidos was so inexperienced at the time.

Thousands of years later, at page 297, Shachar briefly reappears when Sapphira, along with Elam, and Makaidos and Roxil in human form are in the realm of Shinar, later to become "Dragon's Rest." Shachar (human form) mentions not believing that her mate had turned evil.


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