Roxil was the stubborn-headed daughter of Makaidos and Thigocia who mated with her brother Goliath. Although she was hard-headed and rebellious, in the end, she came to her senses fought alongside her father in the War of Second Eden.

Eye of the Oracle Edit

The first time Roxil is mentioned in "Eye of the Oracle" is after the flood when Makaidos and company destroyed Nimrods "Tower of Babble" with a firestorm. After that, she is portrayed as the rebellious daughter who mated with her brother, Goliath, who was under the inluence of the Nephilim spirits who survived the flood...

Family Edit

Grandfather: Arramos

Grandmother: Shachar

Uncle(s): Hilidan, Clirkus

Aunt(s): Zera, Ruwach

Father: Makaidos

Mother: Thigocia

Mate: Goliath

Brother(s): Goliath, Maven, Valcor, Gabriel

Sister(s): Chayil, Hartanna, Firedda, Sorentine, Martinesse, Yellinia, Alithia, Ashley

Son: Clefspeare, Karrick

Nieces: Carboni, Legossi, Listener, Mariel, Shiloh, Bonnie Silver

Nephew(s): Gratrand, Thomas

Grandson: Billy Bannister