King Arthur was a king of Great Britain, a friend of the prophet Merlin, weilder of Excalibur, and the adopted father of two dragons.

Friendship With Dragons Edit

King Arthur was a friend of the dragons, who helped him in his battles, carrying knights and burning enemies. He especially worked with Makaidos, the king of dragons. When Makaidos was tricked by Goliath into an ambush, he and Roxil where both stabbed. After that Arthur's friendship with the dragons deteriorated, with help from Sir Devin. He soon gave Devin permission to hunt dragons, leaving Merlin the dragon's only human friend. Merlin renewed the alliance between them by taking Arthur to visit Clefspeare. They went from there to Baldtop, where Arthur wtinessed the dragon's transformation. He then adopted Hartanna and Clefspeare, re-naming them Irene and Reginald.

Excalibur Edit

Arthur was given Excalibur by Morgan, claiming to be the "lady of the lake," in hope that he would use it to kill dragons. This hope was fufilled, not by Arthur, who used it only on his enemies, but by Sir Devin. Devin, however, couldn't use Excalibur to it's full potienal, because he wasn't chosen as Arthur's one closest friend, Merlin being picked instead. Because Arthur adopted Clefspeare, Billy was in line to Excalibur, and Walter, as a descendent of Merlin, could also use it.