Karen in 'Tears of a Dragon'Edit

Karen travles to England with the rest of the group, Billy, Bonnie, Professor Hamilton, Marylyn, Ashley, Walter, and Shiloh, and helps to infiltrate a community center that is being used as a building for the restoration of Sir Devin. Billy uses the king's cap, waving excalibur 7 times over any female's head, that enables the recipient of the king's cap to be invisible to demons. She infiltrates the center along with Marylyn and Shiloh .

Karen in 'Circles of Seven'Edit

Karen helps Ashley out in 'Circles of Seven' by communicating to Ashley through a transmittor in one of Ashley's molars, which enables her to ask Karen to get information through Larry, Ashley's supercomputer. While Karen does not appear physically in the book, she plays an important role.

Karen in 'The Candlestone'Edit

Karen first appeared in 'The Candlestone', the second book in the DIOM series. She was a sister to Rebecca, Stacey, and Monique (nicknamed Pebbles), through adoption by Dr. Matthew Connor . She does not know her age, as she had no birth certificate. But she believes she is 13. She has fiery red hair, and because of this, she is nicknamed Red by the other girls. Karen also assumes the responsibility of caretaker for the other three girls.

Bonnie met her in Dr. Connor 's lab, and they form a friendship. Karen tells Bonnie about her being the 'diver' for Dr. Connor . A diver is a person who dives into the Candlestone while an anchor (Derrik, a blind boy) holds onto her light energy.

There is a conflict between Bonnie and Ashley about Dr. Connor (Bonnie's father) using the girls for scientific experiments. Ashley then realizes how wrong it was, and starts to help the girls.

LIFE In The Candlestone: Karen was 13, but she couldn't prove it (she didn't have a birth certificate).


Karen was killed in Enoch's Ghost. In memory of her, Billy and Bonnie named their daughter, Karen Bannister after her.

Karen visits Billy and Bonnie from heaven and gets to see their wedding in the final book of 'Oracles of Fire'.