Family Edit

Hartanna is a female dragon.  She is the daughter of Makaidos and Thigocia. Makaidos' parents were Arramos and Shachar. Thigocia's parents were Ruwach and Clirkus, who were both offspring of Arramos & Shachar. Hartanna's twin brother is Valcor/Sir Patrick. After Makaidos's murder, Clefspeare is chosen to become the new dragon king and Hartanna is chosen as the new dragon queen, thus they become betrothed. However, during their time of separation, Hartanna is transformed into a human by a miracle alongside the other good dragons including Clefspeare, thus ending their betrothal. She is then adopted alongside Clefspeare by King Arthur and is given the name of Irene Silver and the royal name of Tabitha Silver. Clefspeare is given the name of Jared Bannister and the royal name of Reginald Bannister. The two former betrothed are now adoptive brother and sister and remain good friend through the centuries, often thinking of one another. Irene marries a doctor named Matthew Conner and they have a daughter named Bonnie who inherited dragon wings from her mother. Irene is transformed back into Hartanna twice before ultimately deciding to stay human and reunite with her husband and daughter.