Basic factsEdit

Hades is a dimension of Earth, also known as Sheol in Hebrew literature.

Circles of Hades Edit

There are seven circles in Hades.

The First Circle Edit

The first circle is a rainy jungle, scattered with the skeletons of adventurers who tried to enter Hades in the wrong way.

The Second Circle Edit

The second circle is an immense, grassy plain scattered with wildflowers. It has a wide path of red flowers, which leads to a Caitiff infested forest, where Glewlwyd guards the portal to the Bridgelands.

The Third Circle Edit

The third circle is comepletely underground. Morgan turned it into an enourmous magnatite mine where she grew her Nephilim and Underborns. Sapphira Adi and Acacia live there when they are not needed elsewhere. Mardon's Naphil army slept there until they woke to carry out his plan of merging Earth and Heaven.

The Fourth CircleEdit

The fourth circle is known as "Second Eden". Naamah attempts to lure Billy Bannister away from his mission in the fourth circle.

The Fifth CircleEdit

The fifth circle is an island inside a snake-infested swamp, also known as Avalon, Morgan's home. It has a giant castle on the island that leads to three other circles.

The Sixth Circle Edit

The sixth circle is a perfect replica of Dragons Rest. It was originally the home of dead souls, but after the messiah came, all occupants went to either Heaven or Hades. For around forty years only Shiloh Nathanson lived there, having been imprisoned by Morgan.