Life Edit

Goliath was "The Crown Prince of Dragons", according to his father, Makaidos. Goliath's mate was Roxil, and their sons were Clefspeare and Karrick. Goliath's body was taken over by the spirits of the Nephilim who died in the flood. Once he was fully matured he rebelled against his father; most of Makaidos' children followed Goliath when he rebelled. He and Roxil later had their first son Clefspeare, but Roxil conceived him with out going through the Covenent Veil, therefore he was conceived out of wedlock. Goliath became a threat to humans killing them whenever he chose, giving all dragons a bad name. After persuading his father to leave abandon his alliance with the humans, they flew to Goliath's cave where Devin killed them both as well as Roxil.

After Goliath's death by the hand of Devin, he was transported to Second Eden. He was (appropriately) renamed Dragon. Dragon was the father of Listener and Candle and husband to Angel. He died at the hands of the shadow people. Angel; using the bones of Makaidos tried to resurect her Dragon, but instead resucted Dragon in his dragon form, Goliath, who was still possessed by the spirits of the Nephilim.

While in Second Eden he found Roxil, since she was still his mate, she followed him. Goliath called Karrick, their son, from Abaddon's home. He was never born on earth, but was in Roxil's womb when she was killed by Palin. Goliath helped lead the forces of evil during the Battle of Second Eden. In the end his troops were defeated. While talking with the other dragons it was revealed that Goliath was possessed by Nephilim. Goliath, seeing all that he had done wrong took back control of his body and took the Candlestone and sacrificed himself in place of his father to fulfil a prophecy while his mate and his four children and grandchild watched helplessly. In the end, the Nephilim left his body and he was buried in Second Eden.