Glewlwyd was the transparent figure known as the Guardian or Gatekeeper of the Bridgelands. He is an ancient almost invisible human who freely travels through portals and grants entrance to the Bridgelands to those he deems worthy. After the collapse of the Bridgelands in "The Bones of Makaidos " though, he was thought to have gone to his finaly resting place.

Enoch's GhostEdit

When Elam reached the Bridgelands, he called Glewlwyd to be granted access. Glewlwyd, described as transparent and ancient, didn't believe that he could be a son of Shem because he knew Noah personally and had never met Shem's lost son. Glewlwyd said that if Elam was alive, he would be even more ugly and crooked than himself. Caitiff, animalistic human-like creatures, start appearing and surrounding Elam and Glewlwyd makes Elam answer questions to prove himself. Only then would Glewlwyd save him. The ancient ghost finally did save Elam when the boy told him that Paili's favorite color was green.....

Last of the NephilimEdit

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