"According to my research, the sword really existed." ~ Professor Hamilton, Raising Dragons Edit

History Edit

A legendary sword given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, Morgan. It is later revealed that Excalibur is actually Chereb, the flaming sword held by the angels that guarded the tree of life. Once belonging to the Seraphim turned Watcher Samyaza, it was made useless to him by Michael the Archangel, and eventually found its way into the hands of Noah, and from there was passed to Nimrod, Morgan, King Arthur, Devin, and finally to Billy Bannister (although he has lent it to his good friend Walter Foley from time to time).

Powers Edit

The Sword of Eden is not just an artifact, it has power. When held by anyone with holy hands, it would glow faintly. But, when it is held by a King (or leader of a clan), one person they could designate, or the heir(s) of such It would grant them the ability to turn matter into light (translumination). However one can only transluminate organic material. Synthetic materials, stone, or metal can not be transluminated. In fact, rust (Iron Oxide) can protect someone from the beam if they are coated in it, although this does create a fair amount of heat. This power manifests itself as a beam of bright light that shoots from the tip of the sword.It can also form a shield called a photo umbrella.It activates if the weilder moves the sword up and down and continues repeating the motion.The shield protects the wielder and anyone behind them.Excalibur can also form a halo (called the Kings Cap) around only women that makes them invisible to all evil it activates if the weilder draws a circle around a females head.The holy sword can also open portals by beaming the portals location.

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