Shady PastEdit

 Dr. Matthew Connor is a great doctor and scientist. He is also the father of Bonnie Silver. He was a very loving father until he found out that she was growing dragon wings. He then began to conduct experiments on his wife, the former dragon Hartanna, and his daughter. He was partnered with Devin in these experiments, but did not reveal his daughter to him.

  His wife was eventually killed, and his daughter sent into foster care. He was, however, able to save his wife, who began to transform back into a dragon. He continued using her blood for his experiments, but his daughter was safe from his clutches.

  About two years after Bonnie was sent off, he came to retrieve her, because her mother was calling for her. Although she didn't trust him, she came out of concern for her mother. She later discovered that his real plans were for her to retrieve Devin, who was transluminated, from the Candlestone.

Redemtion, Death, Resurrection, and Re-unitionEdit

   After realizing that what he had done was very wrong, Dr. Connor repented and ended up sacrificing himfelf for those he loved. After he died, his spirit was sent to the Valley of Souls, or Abbadon's Lair. He was eventually resurrected in the Birthing Garden of Second Eden, to save the life of Listener, a young Second Eden native.

  Dr. Matthew Connor was re-united with his family, and resides in Second Eden with his wife, as a doctor.