Pronounced "Kleff-spear"

Clefspeare from the graphic novel version of Dragons in Our Midst.

Life Edit

Clefspeare was born to Goliath and Roxil. He was changed into Jared Bannister by the wizard Merlin after the slayers became too powerful to escape from. He lived for 1,500 years changing names now and then to keep his identity hidden. He married Marilyn Bannister and became the father of Billy Bannister.

When he was shot in Raising Dragons, he reverted back to his dragon form. In Circles of Seven, Deven inhabited his body. At the end of Tears of a Dragon, he was mortally wounded and turned back into a human. In Last of the Nephilim, however, he was changed back once again into Clefspeare, due to a song by Paili over the birthing garden in the New Eden. Nevertheless, in Bones of Makaidos, when given the choice by Enoch, he chose humanity. In Song of the Ovulum and From the Mouth of Elijah, he was inflicted by the disease that threatened to kill all former dragons. His grandchildren are Charles Bannister and Karen Bannister.

Jared LooksEdit

When Clefspeare was Jared he had brown eyes, thick eyebrows, tan skin, and reddish brown hair.