Pronounced "Air-rah-moss"

Arramos was the first male dragon, the king of dragons, and his mate was Shachar. He passed his title to his son, Makaidos.


Arramos died fighting the Watchers in the Flood . Satan took his body and disguised himself as the great dragon. But Michael took his heart, and put it in a human body. The human Arramos was re-named Abraham, given Enoch's Ghost, and sent to be the founder of Second Eden. He led the people of that world for thousands of years. During the events of Last of the Nephilim he worked with Elam, Acacia, Paili and Dikaios to keep his people and all the worlds safe. Later Abraham died alonside Angel to create a ring of fire around the shadow people, protecting the Second Edeners for a time and giving them time to prepare for the coming battle, before dissolving in The Bones of Makaidos .

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