Alithia is a dragoness not mentioned much in the books, but is listed on the Family Tree in "The Bones of Makaidos" as the daughter of Makaidos and Thigocia, and the mother of the anthrozil Thomas.

The Bones of MakaidosEdit

On page 17 of "The Bones of Makaidos," when Bonnie was meeting the rest of the transformed dragons for the first time, Gabriel introduced Alithia known then as Kaylee along with Rebekah (Legossi), Dallas (Firedda), Jordan (Martinesse), Dorian (Yellinia), Elise (Carboni), and Tamara (Sorentine). Later, when the dragons and Sapphira are captured by the helicopter unit sent by Mardon to find Bonnie, Kaylee reveals herself to be a doctor, Dr. Saunders. She helps revive Gabriel and when Bonnie finds the healing salve left with Elam's journal, Kaylee uses it to heal Sapphira 's bullet wound.

Four years later, when Billy, Walter, Elam, and Ashley start their dangerous trek's through Second Eden to get to the Valley portal to transport dragons back to be regenerated, Marylin meets them and mentions that Kaylee is burning the phone lines and the internet trying to locate her missing, anthrozil son Thomas.

And when the final battle in front of Heaven's Gate is won, and the dragons are being transformed into whatever state they choose, Thigocia asked what will happen to her other offspring Alithia, Carboni, and Martinesse since they weren't present. Enoch replied that they will simply remain in the state they are currently in.


Since Alithia appears in "The Bones of Makaidos" as a human, it can be assumed that she was present during the original transformation by Merlin, but this has not been confirmed.